Hello and welcome to my sacred space

a place of non-judgement, where you can embark on a journey back home to your authentic self and take charge of your destiny.

– Mission –

To become a beacon of inspiration and a bridge for others to cross on their way to personal freedom. To be a constant reminder of our true nature as creators. To assist humanity in raising its vibration.

– Services –


Learn how to communicate effectively with others, build successful teams, enjoyable shared spaces and attainable goals. Understand the power of perception, the differences between cultures and how to create sustainable & clear connections.


Learn the art of self-care. Balance your life by understanding your needs and how to meet them. Comprehend the full spectrum of your being: body, mind and spirit. Incorporate healthy habits to create a better quality of life and get closer to your personal goals.


Learn how to operate beyond linear time, inside the quantum realm, where we can dream our world into being. Expand you reach into your luminous body and explore how to communicate with your soul and other dimensions. Broaden your definition of what it means to be human.

– Testimonials –

“Rossana is an intuitive, thoughtful, extremely committed and powerful healer. I gained a lot from being the recipient of her deep wisdom and caring.”

Vermont, USA.

Matt Starr (62)
Energy Medicine Healer

“A wonderful magical experience. I love how Ross can cross the veils between the seen and the unseen worlds. She has a gift to journey to places that inform the ordinary world with wisdom and guidance. I always feel very held in space and comfortable in her presence. She carries me in grace and nurtures me with love and childlike joy. She moves energy and has always left me unstuck. I highly recommend Ross, she is a dear teacher, healer and friend.”

Hermanus, South Africa.

Sammy Saunders (25)
Hatha Yoga Instructor and Shaman

“Rossana’s capability in energy medicine is both strong and profound. She has deep contact far beyond the surface of the body-mind. I recommend her without any reservation. Thank you, Rossana, for helping me with your fantastic energy method. It has helped me a lot.  It is so amazing, and I am pleased to keep working with you.”

Malmoe, Sweden.

Yvonne Terjestam (66)

“Rossana’s gentle voice, and intuitive ability to attune to me relaxes my entire being. Nothing could be more profound than the feeling of being held in safety, and to be accepted, whilst journeying the longest distance…head to heart. Nothing is forced at all, and this organic flow feels deliciously refreshing in a hectic, demanding world. I know this new level of awaking, and self-compassion could not have be done without her loving guidance. Immensely grateful to have her unshakeable calm as a resource, and her impeccable timing never ceases to amaze me.”

Madrid, Spain.

Teda Melero (52)
Real Estate Professional

“My experience with Rossana was physically intense and relaxing, moreover, quite profound spiritually. Through medicinal stones and intentions, I could observe hidden aspects of myself and recover them, in order to respond to certain questions & tie up lose ends of unfinished aspects of my life. Additionally, my wife and I received couples coaching, which was very valuable for setting priorities in our relationship and seeing things a lot more clearly. I feel grateful for her work and it is something that I recommend to anyone.”

Florida, USA.

Guillermo Del Solar (51)
Sales and Marketing Professional

“I highly recommend Ro! She is super knowledgeable and intuitive. She has helped me a lot to know and love myself for who I am. I felt that she understood me and was always very present to listen. She is a natural and truly cares for her work.”

Pembroke Pines, FL, USA.

Carla Gonzales-Vigil (48)
Senior Research Analyst

“Rossana is a visionary who has a deep connection to the invisible worlds that she vividly sees. She creates a secure and sacred space then with gentleness guides you through an inner healing journey with playful innocence and wise insights. Rossana has taken up the Shamanic path with authenticity-walking her talk-and with a big heart full of compassion. It has been an honor to work, learn and “play” with medicine woman, Rose River, as I like to call her.”

St. Orens de Gameville, France.

Marta Bukowski, (51)
Practitioner of Shamanic Energy Medicine

“I have been fortunate to work with Ro, my true friend, on many ocassions. The most transformative one, was during our stay in Brickell Key, Miami. Her approach is integrative and her intuition always guides her to the space that needs healing. With much wisdom, incredible humility and respect, she takes you to see the origin of your wounds. I recommend her with my eyes closed!. She has the admirable quality of being, that allows her to continuously learn from everything and everyone.”

Montevideo, Uruguay.

Ilona Simonsich (44)
CPA Investment Portfolio Risk Management

– About –

I was born in Peru and raised in Uruguay. The surrounding cultural map never made sense to me at all. People were blindly following guidelines that they did not understand nor questioned. I quickly figured out that nobody had all the answers and at a very young age decided, that my life was mine to lead and if I was to fail I would do so grandly and by my own design, but never as a result of giving away my free will to others.

My life has been a continuous pursuit of meaning, filled with plenty emotional landscapes. Change has been my constant companion, intuition my inner compass. I am highly empathic, sensing information before I can understand it, tuning instantly into other people´s fields and connecting to the surrounding silence. I experience spontaneous past life regressions, as well as journeys into other dimensions, time bending, instant knowing, etc.

My professional background is a mixture of social sciences, organizational communications, integrative nutrition and energy medicine. I have worn many hats and performed many roles. I am a both a mother and a wife, a constant student and a life enthusiast.

Above all, I am a seeker of personal truth, on a quest for meaning with an undying thirst for transmutation. Through incessant journeying I have gathered countless transformational tools and opened numerous healing pathways. The wounds that once defined me are now gifts that I can share with others. Mine is a story of empowerment. I invite you to write yours as well.

My practice integrates

knowledge, wisdom, creativity and intuition.
All sessions can be done in person or remotely.
My services are tailored for individuals, couples, families, groups & organizations and can be provided in English or Spanish.
Do not hesitate to contact me. I will be happy to respond.

– Contact –

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